Duncanville - North Main Street

Duncanville Main St. StationThe Duncanville North Main Street project, extending from Center Street to Davis Street, included pedestrian amenities, landscaping, and a slip lane with angled parking. The project bolstered the existing retail development with second floor residential (6,586 sq.ft.) and additional commercial investments to help transition the area into a mixed-use corridor and catalyst for future development. Additional improvements included 1,716 sq. ft. of office space, 2,184 sq. ft. of retail space and four second floor residential units. The project is within walking distance of various other developments including City Hall, the Center Street Townhomes (funded through the 2005-2006 Sustainable Development Call for Projects), the Main Station mixed-use development and a community theater.

The infrastructure project was funded through the 2009-2010 Sustainable Development Call for Projects. NCTCOG awarded $1,910,640 with a local match of $477,660 from the City of Duncanville. 

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 Duncanville Main Street

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