Regional Emissions Enforcement Program

The Regional Emissions Enforcement Program (REEP) was developed to help partnering agencies identify and remove high-emitting vehicles with expired, fraudulent, and improper state emissions inspections from Texas roadways. REEP activities include:

  • Conducting covert operations on vehicle emissions inspection stations to identify and prosecute inspectors performing improper inspections

  • Identifying and prosecuting those who counterfeit or improperly issue temporary tags

  • Investigating and pursuing civil litigation against car dealers selling improperly inspected vehicles

  • On-road emissions enforcement of vehicles traveling in our region

The North Central Texas Council of Governments coordinates with county judges, justice courts, district attorneys, sheriffs, constables, local police departments, the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to administer REEP.


The performance of REEP is tracked through the Regional Emissions Enforcement Program Database. Law enforcement officers participating in the program can enter citations issued for registration certificate violations, smoking vehicle violations, truck lane restrictions, and anti-idling restrictions. Entering citations into this database provides officers access to citations written across jurisdictional boundaries.

For more information about database access, please visit the NCTCOG Emission Database

NCTCOG staff facilitates quarterly meetings with local law enforcement taskforces to address current issues of combating improper and fraudulent inspections and registrations.

Our Regional Emissions Enforcement Program was awarded a 2010 Clean Air Excellence Award by the Environmental Protection Agency for assisting local law enforcement agencies with reducing the number of fraudulent and illegal emissions inspections activities.

+ Program Partners

  • Dallas County

  • Harris County

  • Johnson County

  • Kaufman County

  • Tarrant County

  • Travis County

  • United States Environmental Protection Agency

  • Texas Attorney General’s Office

  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

  • Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Texas Department of Public Safety

+ County Program Contacts

Dallas County
Sergeant Brett Jennings
(214) 354-7143

Harris County
Lieutenant Richard Delgado
(832) 927-6150

​​Johnson County
Lieutenant Troy Fuller

Tarrant County
Commander Monty Gage
(817) 884-3728

Travis County
Stacy Suits
(512) 854-2101

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Staff Contacts

Anthony Moffa
Jason Brown
Chris Klaus