Access North Texas Collin County

The purpose of Access North Texas is to improve public transportation for older adults, individuals with disabilities, and individuals with lower incomes. These populations can have difficulty finding public transportation options that connect them to doctor’s appointments, work opportunities and education or job training. This plan identifies where these transportation connections do not exist or could be improved within Collin County.


In 2018 we learned the key strategies in Collin County include:

  • Provide additional transit service to underserved locations,
  • Improve coordination between existing transit providers to simplify cross-county trips,
  • Identify, recruit, educate, and support influential champions for public transportation to promote and support public transit leadership or policy initiatives and to advocate for increasing investment in public transit,
  • Identify, evaluate, and implement where appropriate non-traditional ways to deliver public transportation service, including partnerships among public and private transportation providers,
  • Advocate for agencies to integrate funding sources to maximize efficiency and increase available affordable public transportation,
  • Explore partnerships to increase the affordability of fares for those most in need, and
  • Improve awareness of existing services.   


Review the Collin County portion of the plan here:

Collin County Chapter

Appendix C - County by County Supplemental Information

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