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Draft Mobility 2045: 2022 Update

The Mobility 2045: 2022 Update draft materials are available. Reasonable funding sources to help meet the current and growing transportation needs are included in the draft plan.  Consideration of the draft plan by the Regional Transportation Council is expected on June 9, 2022.

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What is the Mobility Plan?

The Mobility Plan is the Dallas-Fort Worth region's long-range transportation plan. Click below to learn more. In 2022, the plan is slated to receive an update! In the meantime, keep up with our progress here on our web page, and be sure to find us on social media with the hashtag #PlanInProgress.


The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), also known as the Mobility Plan, is a federally required plan that acts as a blueprint for regional transportation initiatives over the next 20+ years. It covers roadways, but also transit, biking, walking, and other modes.

Per federal regulation, NCTCOG is required to update its MTP at least once every four years, and NCTCOG staff are in the process of updating the current one, Mobility 2045. Since Mobility 2045 was approved and put into action in 2018, staff has been gathering updated information related to regional demographics and travel. This information will aid in producing an updated plan that better serves the Dallas-Fort Worth region.


The Mobility Plan is teaming up with Map Your Experience!

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How does it work?

The Mobility Plan is going virtual like never before! You can now use your phone, tablet, or desktop computer to provide input online, any time. You are the expert of your daily travel experiences, and now your experiences will help shape the region's Mobility Plan. 


How will the map pins be used?

The new Map Your Experience tool will be used during the Mobility 2045 Update to gather input on where people in the Metroplex are experiencing transportation trouble, whether it's by car, transit, bicycling, walking, or other modes. Pins on the map will be compared with currently planned recommendations to see where we are already working on solutions, and where we need to develop new ones.


Are there other ways I can get involved?

Absolutely! Use the links below to find more ways to connect with us.


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Current Plan:
Mobility 2045

View and download available Mobility Plan presentations. View a curated selection of maps related to the Mobility Plan. View information and resources related to the region's currently adopted Mobility Plan.



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