Mobility Plan Maps

A curated selection of maps related to the Mobility Plan are available below.  An update to Mobility 2045, the current Metropolitan Transportation Plan, is underway, and resources will be added and updated as they are produced during the planning process.

Thumbnail of a congested Texas Highway linking to the Traffic Congestion described in detail in North Texas Preview of map outlining small fact sheets about Mobility 2045 in the metroplex

Traffic Congestion Storymap

Mobility Plan Fact Sheet Browser

Learn about traffic congestion in North Central Texas and how Mobility Plan recommendations are helping.

View detailed information for Mobility Plan recommended roadway and transit projects.

Preview of interactive map detailing Mobility 2045 performance in the metroplex Picture of a map depicting Mobility Plan recommendations.

Roadway Performance

Mobility Plan Recommendations Browser

Learn about roadway performance as modeled by the DFX travel demand model for the Mobility Plan.

View Mobility Plan recommended roadway and transit projects with key details.

Preview of map page displaying how long it would take a vehicle to travel across the region in peak congestion This is a thumbnail of a map coming soon of funding in the US

Travel Time Contour Maps

Funding Maps

Download PDF maps depicting travel time bands for each county within the NCTCOG planning area, as well as DFW Airport.

Coming soon!