Map Your Experience Toolkit

Do you want to leverage the new Map Your Experience data to inform your projects and programs? Here are some tools to help. From sharing the tool on social media, to data connections, we offer several tools to get you the data you need. For assistance or more information, please email
Map your experience preview image: NCTCOG's method of gaining public input to work with partners and develop innovative solutions for transportation issues in the DFW area

Map Your Experience Home Page

Map Your Experience Dashboard

The basics: this webpage is the main landing page for the map tool, and includes contextual descriptions of the tool and how it will be used by NCTCOG staff; a brief demonstration video showing how to use the tool; and links to the application and dashboard. You can share this page using the link The Map Your Experience dashboard housed in ArcGIS Online. This dashboard is publicly available and no ArcGIS Online account or login is needed to access it.  It includes various additional map layers which can be turned off or on, and various attributes which can be used to filter the map and comments pane. The dashboard is updated monthly.