Military-Community Planning

Through a partnership with the North Central Texas Council of Governments, the cities of Benbrook, Fort Worth, Lake Worth, River Oaks, Sansom Park, Westworth Village, and White Settlement and in conjunction with Tarrant County, a need was identified to conduct planning studies for the area surrounding the Naval Air Station Fort Worth, Joint Reserve Base (NAS Fort Worth JRB). This need stemmed from a previous Department of Defense funded Joint Land Use Study that identified 17 actions for the local governments to support compatible development from base initiatives and from community identified goals to evaluate transportation options, support economic development initiatives, evaluate housing and retail markets in the area, and complete local government comprehensive plan updates. This project, referred to as Planning for Livable Military Communities (PLMC), is funded with a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Challenge Grant.  The local governments surrounding the base have formed the NAS Fort Worth JRB Regional Coordination Committee, which meets quarterly to discuss compatible development issues.

Executive Summary

Project Location
The focus area for this project represented a range with an approximate 2.5 mile buffer from the base. This area encompasses the majority of the partner communities and is consistent with efforts to encourage housing and transportation choices closer to the base.

2016-2017 Joint Land Use Study: 

Joining Forces seeks to promote compatible growth and to insulate regional military installations from encroachments that could threaten the installations’ ability to conduct their missions. The results of the study will include recommended actions for the communities to adopt such as zoning overlays, obstruction ordinances, comprehensive plan language and communication strategies. The communities surrounding the Naval Air Station Fort Worth, Joint Reserve Base (NAS Fort Worth, JRB) in western Tarrant County participated in a JLUS 10 years ago. (See more information about the 2008 JLUS below.) The current study, known as Joining Forces: Aligning Community & Military Missions will update this JLUS and include three additional installations (Fort Wolters, Redmond Taylor Army Heliport, Camp Maxey), two ancillary training areas and flight areas that support operations at NAS Fort Worth, JRB.

The 2017 JLUS made over 150 recommendations to improve compatible development and quality of life for communities, enhance local planning initiatives, and support the military mission. The full report and technical appendices are now available.
          Final Report
          Technical Appendices

For more information on the Joining Forces Study, visit:


2008 Joint Land Use Study

Regional Vision Report:  offers collaborative strategies for addressing challenges and taking advantage of opportunities that cross city boundaries.

          PLMC Regional Vision Report

Local Government Comprehensive Plan Visions:  outline specific goals, policies, and actions intended to be guidelines for future comprehensive plan updates.
           Lake Worth Comprehensive Vision Plan
           River Oaks Comprehensive Vision Plan
           Sansom Park Comprehensive Vision Plan
           Westworth Village Comprehensive Vision Plan
           White Settlement comprehensive Vision Plan

Complementary Initiatives
           RCC Transportation Study
           RCC Development Review Process
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