Richardson - Eastside

Eastside is a transit-oriented development in Richardson located at the southeast corner of North Central Expressway and Campbell Road that was completed in 2009. The project added residential, retail, office, and a parking garage to a compact 15-acre site to create a walkable neighborhood in this area of Richardson. The development adds housing and retail to a large employment center known as the Telecom Corridor, which has the opportunity to improve air quality as people are able to work, live, and shop in the same general vicinity.

The development is located between two Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) light rail stations. Eastside is located just south of Galatyn Park Station and north of Arapaho Center Station. Both stations are on the Red Line and connected to Eastside by a bicycle and pedestrian trail called the North Duck Creek Trail that runs parallel to the DART line. 

Under the 2005-2006 Sustainable Development Call for Projects, NCTCOG funded $1,907,357 with a matching grant of $3,092,643 from the City of Richardson for pedestrian amenities, landscaping, and street construction.