Fort Worth - Ridglea Village

Ridglea VillageThe Ridglea Village is located in West Fort Worth at Camp Bowie Boulevard and Bryant Irvin Road.   In recent years, the Ridglea Urban Village has seen a dramatic amount of investment, including $55 million in commercial development and $56 million in new housing developments. 

The City of Fort Worth was awarded $475,436 for the Ridglea Village Sustainable Development Project  through the 2001 Land Use-Transportation Joint Venture Call for Projects. Project improvements include
 sidewalks, crosswalks, street furniture, and other pedestrian amenities. 

 At completion, the multistory mixed-use development project will include 150,000 sq. ft. of office space
 and 150,000 sq. ft. retail, multifamily, and townhome development.

Ridglea urban village in Fort Worth, Texas