Pedestrian Safety Action Plan



Texas is one of just seven states that accounts for 54% of pedestrian fatalities nationwide. Fatality rates consistently above the national average have been the reasoning behind the FHWA designating Texas as a pedestrian Focus State and the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth as Focus Cities. To address the 12-county region’s pedestrian fatality rates being consistently above the national average, the Council of Governments developed a Regional Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (PSAP).  The Regional Transportation Council took action to endorse the PSAP on June 10, 2021.

                                                       This is an image of an infographic outlining the percentage increase in number of fatalities from 2010-2019 being 46%25 for pedestrians and 5%25 all other traffic deaths

The PSAP includes goals and policies that support the Regional Transportation Council’s safety position and adopted safety targets, and action items to address pedestrian safety issues. On February 14, 2019, the Regional Transportation Council took action to establish a Regional Safety Position, stating that:

       "Even one death on the transportation system is unacceptable. Staff will work with our partners to develop projects, programs, and policies that assist in eliminating serious injuries and fatalities across all modes of travel."

The PSAP will complement the Council of Government’s transportation Mobility Plan (2045 Update), and enhance existing goals and policies with a more targeted focus on pedestrian safety. The PSAP also serves as a guide or template for our local partners to develop their own locally significant pedestrian safety action plans.

Read the plan here:

Regional Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (PSAP)
Appendix A:   Reported Pedestrian Crash Density Using Square-Mile Grid Mapping
Appendix B:   Primary and Secondary Pedestrian Safety Corridors
Appendix C:   Regional Analysis Supportive Data
Appendix D:  Mobility 2045 Policies and Programs in Support of Pedestrian Safety
Appendix E:   Online Engagement Results, Pedestrian Safety Public Survey
Appendix F:   Project 0-6983: North Texas Bicycle and Pedestrian Crash Analysis (2020)

                     PSAP Pedestrian Safety Corridors and Pedestrian Crash Density Map
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Staff contact:  Julie Anderson for Pedestrian Safety Action Plan information.