Transit Safety (PTASP)

Public Transit Agency Safety Plans are a means for transit providers and MPOs to monitor and improve the agency of transit systems under their jurisdiction. A core component of the process is monitoring and establishing targets for four required performance measures:
  • Fatalities (total number of reportable fatalities and rate per total vehicle revenue miles by mode)
  • Injuries (total number of reportable injuries and rate per total vehicle revenue miles by mode)
  • Safety Events (total number of reportable events and rate per total vehicle revenue miles by mode)
  • System Reliability (mean distance between major mechanical failures by mode)
Targets are established annually for these measures. Transit providers in the region establish and report targets first, and then MPOs like NCTCOG establish their own regional targets. The Transit Management and Planning team coordinates this measure.

Committee Action and Targets

Transit providers are required to establish initial targets by mid-2020, and RTC is anticipated to take initial action on MPO targets for these measures in late 2020.

Additional Information

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PTASP Requirements in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR): 49 CFR 673

Staff Contacts

PTASP Measures: Shawn Dintino
General Federal Performance Measure Coordination: Chris Klaus, Jenny Narvaez, and James McLane