Roadway Safety (PM1)

The Safety Performance Management Measures (commonly known as PM1) are five measures related to the safety of the roadway system:
  • Number of Fatalities
  • Rate of Fatalities per 100 million Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)
  • Number of Serious Injuries
  • Rate of Serious Injuries per 100 million VMT
  • Number of Non-motorized Fatalities and Non-motorized Serious Injuries

Targets are established annually for these measures. NCTCOG has generally supported TxDOT’s targets. The Transportation Safety team coordinates these measures.

Committee Actions and Targets

January 2020 STTC Presentation on Roadway Safety and TAM Targets (Information Item)
February 2019 RTC Resolution on Roadway Safety Targets
February 2019 RTC Presentation on Roadway Safety and TAM Targets

Additional Information

NCTCOG Transportation Safety Program
FHWA Safety Performance Management
FHWA Fact Sheet
FHWA Guidance on Safety Performance Measure Computation
Roadway Safety Measures in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR): 23 CFR 490 Subpart B (§490.201-490.213)

Staff Contacts

Roadway Safety Measures: Sonya Landrum
General Federal Performance Measure Coordination: Chris Klaus, Jenny Narvaez, and James McLane