Academic Requirements

The Academy curriculum is a 618-hour Basic Peace Officer course. In accordance with Commission regulations, the Basic Peace Officer Course shall consist of a minimum of 618 classroom hours and shall include, but not be limited to, the subjects set forth below. This is the recommended sequence for teaching the course. Academies may change the sequence, if necessary.

Basic Curriculum

Subject Hours
Introduction and Orientation 2
Fitness and Wellness, and Stress Management 14
Professional Policing 10
Professionalism and Ethics 8
U.S. & Texas Constitutions, Bill of Rights, and Criminal Justice System 12
Multiculturalism and Human Relations 12
Code of Criminal Procedure 16
Arrest, Search, and Seizure 24
Penal Code 40
Traffic 68
Intoxicated Driver and SFST 24
Civil Process 8
Alcoholic Beverage Code 4
Health and Safety Code - Controlled Substances Act 8
Family Code - Juvenile Issues 10
Written and Verbal Communications 28
Spanish 16
Force Options 24
Mechanics of Arrest 40
Firearms 40
Emergency Medical Assistance 16
Emergency Communications 12
Professional Police Driving 32
Problem Solving and Critical Thinking 4
Patrol/Consular Notification 42
Victims of Crime 10
Family Violence and Related Assaultive Offenses 20
Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) and Mental Health Code 24
Hazardous Materials Awareness 6
Criminal Investigation, including Introduction, General, Protection of and
Crime Scene Search, Interviewing Techniques, Booking Procedures, Courtroom
Demeanor and Testimony, Case Management

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