Academic Requirements

  1. Students attending the North Central Texas Council of Governments Regional Police Academy (NCTCOG RPA) must apply their learning abilities in and out of the classroom. A significant amount of outside study is required for successful completion of the program. Students must be able to read and comprehend at high levels of difficulty. Regular attendance is a must.
  2. On the initial day of class, students are provided a class schedule, notebooks, criminal law books, a copy of the Academy rules, a copy of TCLEOSE Rules, and a copy of the occupation codes.  Students will receive handout materials on a variety of topics throughout the course.
  3. The student is responsible for taking notes and organizing the student notebook. Proper organization of the notebook facilitates the learning process.
  4. Changes in the class schedule occur from time-to-time due to availability of instructors. It is the student's responsibility to see that schedule changes are properly posted in their notebook.
  5. Attendance at all training sessions is a requirement for successful completion of the program.
  6. Written major examinations will be administered periodically covering classroom material presented during the previous week. In addition to the written examinations, a practical examination will be conducted near the end of the Academy. Skills testing in shooting, driving, and arrest and control will be conducted throughout the Academy. In the event a student misses an exam, the student may take the exam at the discretion of the Academy Manager. The score for any late exam may not exceed the minimum passing score of 75%, unless the Manager finds that there were extenuating circumstances.
  7. There will be unannounced quizzes administered periodically throughout the Academy.

Contact Information
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