Strategic Plan 2015-2020

History of NCTCOG Strategic Planningcogblk_trans2.gif

In November 1999, the Executive Board of the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) adopted the Strategic Plan for 1999-2003. The plan identified over 30 issues that needed to be addressed on a regional basis. NCTCOG immediately began working with and supporting its local governments through programs and projects that could deal with the opportunities and challenges presented in these issues.

A second round of strategic planning, undertaken by NCTCOG departmental staff in conjunction with their advisory committees and others, was completed in early 2003. The document produced by this process, Geared for the Future: Strategic Plan for 2003-2007, provided effective guidance for the work of the agency over this period.

In 2007, the Strategic Plan for 2007-2011 was developed, and new and emerging regional issues were identified. Steps to success were strategized and indicators to track progress were developed.

Strategic Plan for 2015-2020

The current agency Strategic Plan for 2015-2020 was developed during the fall of 2014 and is intended as a platform to provide NCTCOG a five-year dynamic road map for achieving the highest quality in regional planning, program development, and the delivery of services for the benefit of member governments and their citizens.  Departments worked internally to identify strategic priorities and program outcomes. We believe this updated document will provide the structure and guidance needed in the coming years, to enable NCTCOG to continue effectively working with and for local governments to address the region's critical needs.