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North Central Texas Council of Governments
Six Flags Conference Room
616 Six Flags Drive, Centerpoint Two

Arlington, Texas 76011

North Central Texas Council of Governments 

The North Central Texas Council of Governments region encompasses the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington Urban Area and a wide range of disciplines with the mission to protect its citizens. The North Central Texas Fusion Working Group (WG) is comprised of multi-jurisdictional subject matter experts with technical and operational knowledge and experience in intelligence and information sharing. The objective of the WG is to support state, federal and local law enforcement and first responders Swith an opportunity and platform to address Department of Homeland Security (DHS) core capabilities, including Intelligence and Information Sharing.

The intent of the working group is to focus individual community efforts to provide timely, accurate, and actionable information resulting from the planning, direction, collection, exploitation, processing, analysis, production, dissemination, evaluation, and feedback of available information concerning different threats to the United States, its people, property, or interests. Information sharing is the ability to exchange intelligence, information, data, or knowledge in a coordinated, efficient and secure method.

The WG regularly meets to evaluate regional capabilities and resources, and discuss opportunities to collaborate, coordinate, prepare, plan and respond to regional threats and active incidents with the ultimate goal of ensuring citizen safety.


To report suspicious activities or behaviors please use the following link.
    iWatchTexas: Https://iwatchtx.org