Corridor Development Certificate Program

The Corridor Development Certificate (CDC) process aims to stabilize flood risk along the Trinity River. The CDC process does not prohibit floodplain development, but ensures that any development that does occur in the floodplain will not raise flood water levels or reduce flood storage capacity. A CDC permit is required to develop land within a specific area of the Trinity floodplain called the Regulatory Zone, which is similar to the 100-year floodplain.

Under the CDC process, local governments retain ultimate control over floodplain permitting decisions, but other communities along the Trinity River Corridor are given the opportunity to review and comment on projects in their neighbor’s jurisdiction. As the Metroplex economy continues to grow and develop, the CDC process will prevent increased flood risks.

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  Instructions for mapping application


  Fourth Edition of the CDC Manual Amended 2017


Fill-in Application Forms from Section 3 of the 4th Edition

CDC Application Checklist [Word Doc]

CDC Application, Parts 1 & 2 [Word Doc]

Final CDC Action/Findings Form [Word Doc]

CDC Extension Request [Word Doc]


Template Letters to request review (to be sent with application)

USACE Review Letter Template [Word Doc]

NCTCOG Review Letter Template [Word Doc]


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