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Listed below are upcoming events and training opportunities for building codes officials.




The Code Council is releasing a series of documents. These documents outline important considerations and a set of potential solutions for code departments related to permitting, plan review, inspections and the codes. These resources follow from a recent Code Council survey that found that although 93 percent of surveyed code professionals continue to work during the crisis, many do not have the capacity to perform essential duties in a virtual work environment.  
SPEER is hosting 3 webinars in July on HVAC systems. Please see the descriptions below for details, and the link to register. In August, SPEER will rebroadcast the webinar  How to update building codes: A primer and resources for cities in need.
All webinars require registration through SPEER, and they will send you an email confirmation once you have registered for the event.
Please see below for the webinar registration links.

Webinar 1: Residential HVAC Load Calculations – Do It Right!  
Description: This will be an overview of the fundamentals of a proper residential load calculation to include highlighting important key elements during the modeling process. Case studies and real life scenarios are shown and tied back into the importance of ACCA Manuals J, S & D. ?Presenters: Bill Timberlake & Anthony Maynor, RightTek HVAC Training

When: Jul 14, 2020 09:30-11:00 AM Central Time
Topic: Residential HVAC Load Calculations - Do it Right!

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Webinar 2: HVAC Equipment Solutions for Highly Efficient Homes
Description: We will discuss how the HVAC needs for highly efficient homes may be different than that of a code built home. We will look at potential equipment solutions that may be appropriate and installation considerations of that equipment. Also discussed will be ACCA's Manual LLH and other considerations when selecting, designing, installing and inspecting HVAC systems. Presenter: Tim Prevost, High-Velocity Systems
When: Jul 16, 2020 09:30-10:30 AM Central Time
Topic: HVAC Equipment Solutions for Highly Efficient Homes

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Webinar 3: Forced Air Zoning and Bypass 101 
Description: We’ll look at the recommended way to install a zoned residential HVAC system. We’ll discuss proper control and installation techniques as well as pitfalls to avoid. We'll also discuss code requirements, installation details, manufacturers instructions and best practices. Presenter David Imig, EWC Controls
When: Jul 22, 2020 09:30-10:30 AM Central Time
Topic: Forced Air Zoning and Bypass 101

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Webinar 4: How to update building codes: A primer and resources for cities in need
Description: Many municipalities may not be aware of the proper procedure for code adoption. This presentation will show where cities can access resources to aide in this process. The presentation will also discuss building department protocols and aligning zoning and other city considerations during the code adoption process. Presenters: Carolyn Horner, NCTCOG & Jason Vandever, SPEER
When: Aug 5, 2020 09:30-10:30 AM Central Time
Topic: How to update building codes: A primer and resources for cities in need

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North Texas BPI
May 11-14, 2020
Irving, Texas
The North Texas BPI is an annual 4 day program offering continuing education in the areas of: Re-certification for Plumbing Inspectors, International Plumbing & Mechanical Code, Texas Accessibility, Architecture/Green Building, Code Enforcement, Electrical, Engineering, Environmental Health, Fire Prevention, International Building Code, Energy Code, International Residential Code, Permit Tech, Plan Review, Planning, Residential Construction & Inspection, and Special Topics on Human Trafficking, SIPS, Containers for Commercial Applications, and Building Code. This year, there is a new Test Preparation courses for Certified Building Officials, Residential Electrical, Commercial Plans, and Permit Technician. There will also be ICC Certification Exam Testing.
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